Everest Season 2018

It’s April, the sun is shining, it must mean yet another Everest season is upon us. For those not in the know, April & May is the main climbing season in the Himalayas, and for a small window of time in mid to late May, the weather system pushes the jet stream away from Everest to provide a window of opportunity for hopeful climbers to achieve their goal of standing on the highest point on Earth. Some teams will currently be in the process of completing their adaptation and arriving into Base Camp, while others will be at Camp 1 and starting their rotations up the high mountain, progressively inching higher and higher on each rotation until they are sufficiently adapted to take advantage of the weather window when it comes, and push upwards to Camp 4 at 8000m, and onward to the summit by mid to late May. This year, thanks to the great work of the Himalayan Database team, I am finally able to properly research and compile insights on Irish & Everest (see further below). 

But first, lets acknowledge the Irish climbers (that I know of) that are attempting to climb Mt. Everest this season.

– Paul Greenan from Shankill in Dublin (Nepal Side)
– Denis O’Brien from Charleville in Cork (Nepal Side)
– Louise McEvoy born in Swords in Dublin (Nepal Side)
– Adrian McNally from Navan in Meath (Nepal Side)
– Kevin Hynes from Newbridge in Galway (Nepal Side)
– Linda Blakely from Lurgan in Armagh (Nepal Side)

Paul Greenan was at Camp 1 at the time of writing this, and would be spending a night there as part of the slow process of high altitude adaptation. With each rotation they will progressively move to new altitudes, retreating at the end of each rotation to Base Camp for recovery, and repeating while inching higher until they are comfortably able to progress to Camp 3 at sufficient pace and strength to enable a summit push once the window appears. Teams will complete between 2 and 4 rotations up the mountain during this period. This is Paul’s second attempt on Everest. I first met him while waiting for our blessing from the late Lama Geshe in Pangboche in 2015. We met again a few days later in Dingboche where we chatted and drank coffee with his fellow climber Dan Fredinburg. The next time I saw Paul he was seriously injured and on a stretcher being carried past me at Base Camp. Dan was dead. Paul was lucky to come away with his life as the avalanche triggered by the earthquake tore through the Jagged Globe camp. It takes a great deal to get to Everest in the first place, it takes a great deal more to return, and it takes something else to return after the experience Paul has had. I hope this trip brings better fortunes for both Paul and his team, and I am cheering him eagerly to the Summit.

Denis O’Brien is on a different adaptation pattern which involves the early altitude work being done away from Everest and converging on Base Camp well adapted to 6000m. I utilised and indeed helped design a similar pattern in 2015 with Mingma Tsiri Sherpa after the 2014 icefall disaster when it seemed sensible to reduce/avoid icefall crossings as much as possible by sleeping high on other peaks. Different patterns have different merits, I personally prefer doing the early adaptation work away from the crowds, but you will meet as many who prefer to get under the covers with Everest as early as possible. Denis has just completed the Island Peak leg of his adaptation, and was in Chukung at the time of writing this. Next step would be to make his way to Base Camp for Puja and preparation to move to Camp 1 over the next week or so. Back home, Denis is a member of the Irish-based Ballyhoura Bears walking club who I actually met in Chukung in April 2015 when I was climbing Island Peak as part of my Everest expedition. He has scaled peaks across the Alps as well as Aconcagua and Ama Dablam.

Louise McEvoy was born in Swords (Dublin), moved to Canada when she was 4 years old, and moved to California 17 years ago for work and loved it so much that she stayed. She tells me that her DNA is 98.7% Irish and 1.3% northwestern Europe – so green flowing in the veins. Her interest in mountains started when she moved to USA 17 years ago, she joined a gym, bought a mountain bike, took flying lessons and read a book on Everest and it changed her life. 14 years ago, on a whim, Louise made the trek to EBC and has been climbing ever since in the hope of climbing Everest. Previous climbs include Kilimanjaro, Rainier, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and a bunch of 14ers in California for good measure. Louise and Denis are climbing with the same extended expedition group.

Adrian McNally from Navan runs transport company McNally Logistics and is a long time member of Bohermeen Athletic Club. Reports in in online news reports state that “Adrian has taken part in a number of races and events for Bohermeen AC over the years and is the main sponsor of the club’s annual half-marathon. The seasoned and dedicated sportsman has also completed a number of iron man challenges in the past and took part in the Race Across America on bicycle”.

Kevin Hynes is from Galway and climbing with Himalayan Guides/Henry Todd . I cannot find any further details on Kevin at this time. 

Linda Blakely is from Lurgan in Armagh and now lives in London. Linda started climbing as a girl with the Lurgan Youth Club, climbing around the Mourne Mountains as a schoolgirl. She has climbed 50 mountains all across the world since, including Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro. Linda is a European Championship and Ironman medal winner. 

I wish all the Irish climbers the best of good fortune in the days and weeks ahead.

(If anyone has any further information on Kevin Hynes or any other Irish climbers on Everest this year, please let me know). 

Ireland & Everest

Collating Everest stats for Irish climbers is tricky because Irish spans climbers born in Ireland or Northern Ireland, or residents of Ireland or Northern Ireland at the time of their climb, or declaring their citizenship as Irish when registering to climb Everest. Picking those groups out of a citizenship-based data set is something of a pain, but to tell the full story of Ireland & Everest you really need to dive down that rabbit hole. Hence for the purpose of this analysis I list successful Irish attempts to include all of the groups mentioned above. This is not a political statement, merely a method of identifying those who I believe should be included in this assessment. Thank you to the great folks who maintain and manage the Himalayan Database for enabling access to the raw data used for this assessment. The work of the late Elizabeth Hawley & her team is somewhat priceless.

Prior to 2018 season Everest had seen 57 successful summits by 47 Irish climbers. At end of 2017 season there had been 115 attempts by 83 Irish climbers to summit the mountain. The headline stats from an Ireland perspective are as follows…

– Everest has seen 57 summits by 47 Irish climbers (6 women, 41 men) since the first Irish success in 1993.
– Irish success rate on Everest is 49% (57/115), while Irish fatality rate on Everest is 0.017% (2/116).
– The first Irish climber to reach the summit of Everest was Dawson Stelfox from Antrim in 1993.
– The most summits is Noel Hanna (8) from Down – Noel guides for the ‘Seven Summits Club’.
– Pat Falvey, Lynne Hanna & Rob Smith have all summited Everest twice – once from each side.
– The youngest Irish born person to reach the summit was Rob Mortell from Limerick (aged 26) in 2016.
– The oldest Irish born person to reach the summit of Everest was Martin Byrne from Offaly (aged 58) in 2012.
– The average age of successful Irish climbers on Everest is 40.8 years. 
– The earliest summit date by an Irish climber is 7th May 2010 by Domhnall O’Dochertaigh.
– The latest summit date by an Irish climber is 5th June 2005 by Grania Willis. 
– The earliest summit time by an Irish climber is 01:10am on 21st May 2011 by Noel Hanna (2nd earliest ever on Everest).
– The latest summit time by an Irish climber is 11:36am on 22nd May 2007 by Bill Hanlon. 
– Two Irish born climbers died while climbing Everest – Dr. Sean Egan in 2005 & John Delaney in 2011. 
– Noel & Lynne Hanna hold the world record for the 1st married couple to summit together from both sides (2009 & 2016).
– Charles Howard-Bury from Westmeath lead the 1st Reconnaissance Expedition to Everest in 1921 which included George Mallory.
– Edmund Hillary’s grandmother came from the village of Clondra in Longford. His other grandparents were from Yorkshire in England.
– R.W.G. Hingston from Passage West in Cork was medical officer & naturalist to the 1924 Everest expedition.
– The worst disasters in the history of the Everest took place in 2014 (Avalanche) and 2015 (Earthquake) – The two years I attempted to climb it.
– The Irish have 17th most Everest summits, tied with Austria and ahead of Norway, Poland & Mexico.

An Everest expedition typically lasts 60 days, with the first 20 days spent adapting on 6000m peaks, and slowly moving to Base Camp. The next 20 days are spent making progressive advances up the mountain and back to base camp to adapt to the higher altitudes & then the wait for the Summit window begins. 

The cost of an Everest expedition can range from €25k at the budget end of the scale to €80k at the luxury or ‘ah jaysus’ end of the scale. The average cost of joining a well equipped, experienced and credible outfit sits in the range of €35k-€45k. If you are paying less than €30k to climb Everest, either be very experienced or very skeptical about what you are getting and not getting. 

The first Irish team to successfully climb Everest in 1993 took the North Ridge (1960 Chinese route), and included: Dawson Stelfox (Leader); Frank Nugent (Deputy Leader); Dermot Somers; Robbie Fenlon; Mike Barry; Richard O’Neill-Dean; Mick Murphy and Tony Burke. 

Irish Successes - Climber / Home / Year / Route

undefined: noneDawson StelfoxDawson Stelfox: noneAntrimAntrim: none19931993: noneNorthNorth: 1Pat FalveyPat Falvey: noneCorkCork: none19951995: noneNorthNorth: 120042004: noneSouthSouth: 1Terence BannonTerence Bannon: noneDownDown: none20032003: noneNorthNorth: 1Mick MurphyMick Murphy: noneCorkCork: none20032003: noneSouthSouth: 1Gerard McDonnellGerard McDonnell: noneLimerickLimerick: none20032003: noneSouthSouth: 1Clare O'LearyClare O'Leary: noneCorkCork: none20042004: noneSouthSouth: 1Samantha O'CarrollSamantha O'Carroll: noneCorkCork: none20042004: noneSouthSouth: 1Humphrey MurphyHumphrey Murphy: noneDublinDublin: none20052005: noneNorthNorth: 1Grania WillisGrania Willis: noneDublinDublin: none20052005: noneNorthNorth: 1Raymond HassardRaymond Hassard: noneFermanaghFermanagh: none20062006: noneNorthNorth: 1Noel HannaNoel Hanna: noneDownDown: none20062006: noneNorthNorth: 120092009: noneSouthSouth: 120102010: noneSouthSouth: 120112011: noneNorthNorth: 120122012: noneNorthNorth: 120132013: noneNorthNorth: 120142014: noneNorthNorth: 120162016: noneNorthNorth: 1Fergal CorriganFergal Corrigan: noneFermanaghFermanagh: none20062006: noneNorthNorth: 1Neill ElliotNeill Elliot: noneFermanaghFermanagh: none20062006: noneNorthNorth: 1Ian McKeeverIan McKeever: noneWicklowWicklow: none20072007: noneNorthNorth: 1Bill HanlonBill Hanlon: noneWexfordWexford: none20072007: noneSouthSouth: 1Nigel HartNigel Hart: noneAntrimAntrim: none20072007: noneSouthSouth: 1Roger McMorrowRoger McMorrow: noneAntrimAntrim: none20072007: noneSouthSouth: 1Michael O'DwyerMichael O'Dwyer: noneDublinDublin: none20072007: noneSouthSouth: 1Tom LehaneTom Lehane: noneCorkCork: none20072007: noneSouthSouth: 1Hannah ShieldsHannah Shields: noneDerryDerry: none20072007: noneNorthNorth: 1John DowdJohn Dowd: noneKerryKerry: none20082008: noneSouthSouth: 1Anselm MurphyAnselm Murphy: noneLondon-IrishLondon-Irish: none20082008: noneSouthSouth: 1Ian TaylorIan Taylor: noneKildareKildare: none20082008: noneSouthSouth: 1Lynne HannaLynne Hanna: noneDownDown: none20092009: noneSouthSouth: 120162016: noneNorthNorth: 1Christopher JonesChristopher Jones: noneUnknownUnknown: none20092009: noneSouthSouth: 1Domhnall O'DochartaighDomhnall O'Dochartaigh: noneUnknownUnknown: none20102010: noneSouthSouth: 1James HaydockJames Haydock: noneUK/DublinUK/Dublin: none20102010: noneSouthSouth: 1Vivian RigneyVivian Rigney: noneDublinDublin: none20102010: noneSouthSouth: 1Fergus WhiteFergus White: noneDublinDublin: none20102010: noneSouthSouth: 1Geoffrey ChambersGeoffrey Chambers: noneArmaghArmagh: none20112011: noneSouthSouth: 1Mark QuinnMark Quinn: noneLimerickLimerick: none20112011: noneNorthNorth: 1Martin ByrneMartin Byrne: noneOffalyOffaly: none20112011: noneNorthNorth: 1Basil GeogheganBasil Geoghegan: noneDublinDublin: none20112011: noneSouthSouth: 1Gavin BateGavin Bate: noneKent/DownKent/Antrim: none20112011: noneSouthSouth: 1Cian O'BrolchainCian O'Brolchain: noneDublinDublin: none20122012: noneSouthSouth: 1Albert ConnaughtonAlbert Connaughton: noneDublinDublin: none20122012: noneSouthSouth: 1Peter O'ConnellPeter O'Connell: noneGalwayGalway: none20132013: noneSouthSouth: 1Jason BlackJason Black: noneDonegalDonegal: none20132013: noneNorthNorth: 1Brian MeskellBrian Meskell: noneLimerickLimerick: none20132013: noneNorthNorth: 1Kieran LallyKieran Lally: noneMayoMayo: none20132013: noneSouthSouth: 1Derek MahonDerek Mahon: noneDublinDublin: none20142014: noneNorthNorth: 1Rob SmithRob Smith: noneTyroneTyrone: none20142014: noneNorthNorth: 120172017: noneSouthSouth: 1Mary ScannellMary Scannell: noneKerryKerry: none20162016: noneSouthSouth: 1Robert MortellRobert Mortell: noneLimerickLimerick: none20162016: noneNorthNorth: 1John BurkeJohn Burke: noneClareClare: none20172017: noneSouthSouth: 1Terry KelleherTerry Kelleher: noneDublinDublin: none20172017: noneSouthSouth: 1Rory McHughRory McHugh: noneDublinDublin: none20172017: noneSouthSouth: 1

(Blue = South via Nepal, Grey = North via Tibet)

Irish Successes on Everest - County Breakdown

It is probably no surprise that Dublin is top of the list, since 1.4m of the entire population of the island (6.5m) resides in County Dublin. However it may be a surprise that Down also sits at the top of the list. This is primarily due to to the climbing prowess of the Hanna household, with Johannesburg based Noel and Lynne jointly smashing records and pushing Down up the list. Cork, Limerick and Antrim make up the remainder of the top 5. In total, 18 counties across the island can claim 1 or more summits of Everest.

82221111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Antrim 3AntrimArmagh 1ArmaghClare 1ClareCork 6CorkDerry 1DerryDonegal 1DonegalDown 11DownDublin 11DublinFermanagh 3FermanaghGalway 1GalwayKent/Down 1Kent/DownKerry 2KerryKildare 1KildareLimerick 4LimerickLondon-Irish 1London-IrishMayo 1MayoOffaly 1OffalyTyrone 2TyroneUK/Dublin 1UK/DublinUnknown 2UnknownWexford 1WexfordWicklow 1WicklowAlbert Connaughton 1Albert ConnaughtonAnselm Murphy 1Anselm MurphyBasil Geoghegan 1Basil GeogheganBill Hanlon 1Bill HanlonBrian Meskell 1Brian MeskellChristopher Jones 1Christopher JonesCian O'Brolchain 1Cian O'BrolchainClare O'Leary 1Clare O'LearyDawson Stelfox 1Dawson StelfoxDerek Mahon 1Derek MahonDomhnall O'Dochartaigh 1Domhnall O'DochartaighFergal Corrigan 1Fergal CorriganFergus White 1Fergus WhiteGavin Bate 1Gavin BateGeoffrey Chambers 1Geoffrey ChambersGerard McDonnell 1Gerard McDonnellGrania Willis 1Grania WillisHannah Shields 1Hannah ShieldsHumphrey Murphy 1Humphrey MurphyIan McKeever 1Ian McKeeverIan Taylor 1Ian TaylorJames Haydock 1James HaydockJason Black 1Jason BlackJohn Burke 1John BurkeJohn Dowd 1John DowdKieran Lally 1Kieran LallyLynne Hanna 2Lynne HannaMark Quinn 1Mark QuinnMartin Byrne 1Martin ByrneMary Scannell 1Mary ScannellMichael O'Dwyer 1Michael O'DwyerMick Murphy 1Mick MurphyNeill Elliot 1Neill ElliotNigel Hart 1Nigel HartNoel Hanna 8Noel HannaPat Falvey 2Pat FalveyPeter O'Connell 1Peter O'ConnellRaymond Hassard 1Raymond HassardRob Smith 2Rob SmithRobert Mortell 1Robert MortellRoger McMorrow 1Roger McMorrowRory McHugh 1Rory McHughSamantha O'Carroll 1Samantha O'CarrollTerence Bannon 1Terence BannonTerry Kelleher 1Terry KelleherTom Lehane 1Tom LehaneVivian Rigney 1Vivian Rigney

Irish Successes on Everest - Route Selection

The South side (via Nepal) has historically been the most popular choice for successful Irish ascents. Since 2011, there has been a distinct shift to the North side (via Tibet), which continues apace with introduction of restrictions on Nepal side and the difficulties experienced in Nepal during the 2014 & 2015 seasons. Whilst an Irish shift north did not materialise in 2017, the pendulum is swinging towards Tibet and will likely result in a balancing of numbers on both sides. 

621111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Albert Connaughton 1Albert ConnaughtonAnselm Murphy 1Anselm MurphyBasil Geoghegan 1Basil GeogheganBill Hanlon 1Bill HanlonBrian Meskell 1Brian MeskellChristopher Jones 1Christopher JonesCian O'Brolchain 1Cian O'BrolchainClare O'Leary 1Clare O'LearyDawson Stelfox 1Dawson StelfoxDerek Mahon 1Derek MahonDomhnall O'Dochartaigh 1Domhnall O'DochartaighFergal Corrigan 1Fergal CorriganFergus White 1Fergus WhiteGavin Bate 1Gavin BateGeoffrey Chambers 1Geoffrey ChambersGerard McDonnell 1Gerard McDonnellGrania Willis 1Grania WillisHannah Shields 1Hannah ShieldsHumphrey Murphy 1Humphrey MurphyIan McKeever 1Ian McKeeverIan Taylor 1Ian TaylorJames Haydock 1James HaydockJason Black 1Jason BlackJohn Burke 1John BurkeJohn Dowd 1John DowdKieran Lally 1Kieran LallyLynne Hanna 2Lynne HannaMark Quinn 1Mark QuinnMartin Byrne 1Martin ByrneMary Scannell 1Mary ScannellMichael O'Dwyer 1Michael O'DwyerMick Murphy 1Mick MurphyNeill Elliot 1Neill ElliotNigel Hart 1Nigel HartNoel Hanna 8Noel HannaPat Falvey 2Pat FalveyPeter O'Connell 1Peter O'ConnellRaymond Hassard 1Raymond HassardRob Smith 2Rob SmithRobert Mortell 1Robert MortellRoger McMorrow 1Roger McMorrowRory McHugh 1Rory McHughSamantha O'Carroll 1Samantha O'CarrollTerence Bannon 1Terence BannonTerry Kelleher 1Terry KelleherTom Lehane 1Tom LehaneVivian Rigney 1Vivian RigneyNorth 24NorthSouth 33South
5544333333332222211111North 24NorthSouth 33South1993 119931995 119952003 320032004 320042005 220052006 420062007 720072008 320082009 320092010 520102011 620112012 320122013 520132014 320142016 420162017 42017

Irish Successes on Everest - Previous 8000m Experience?

It is said that the best preparation for a successful Everest expedition is to climb another 8000m peak. While some climbers attempt one or more such peaks ahead of Everest, the statistics show that 64% of all successful Irish climbers on Everest had never climbed or even attempted an 8000m peak prior to their first Everest success. In addition, 58% of successful Irish climbers on Everest had never climbed a Himalayan peak above 7000m prior to their first Everest success. Whatever your position is on prior 8000m experience, the Irish statistics would suggest that it is not a prerequisite. Sufficed to say that the more big expedition or high altitude experience you gain, the better your chances will be of success on Everest.

11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Albert Connaughton 1Albert ConnaughtonAnselm Murphy 1Anselm MurphyBasil Geoghegan 1Basil GeogheganBill Hanlon 1Bill HanlonBrian Meskell 1Brian MeskellChristopher Jones 1Christopher JonesCian O'Brolchain 1Cian O'BrolchainClare O'Leary 1Clare O'LearyDawson Stelfox 1Dawson StelfoxDerek Mahon 1Derek MahonDomhnall O'Dochartaigh 1Domhnall O'DochartaighFergal Corrigan 1Fergal CorriganFergus White 1Fergus WhiteGavin Bate 1Gavin BateGeoffrey Chambers 1Geoffrey ChambersGerard McDonnell 1Gerard McDonnellGrania Willis 1Grania WillisHannah Shields 1Hannah ShieldsHumphrey Murphy 1Humphrey MurphyIan McKeever 1Ian McKeeverIan Taylor 1Ian TaylorJames Haydock 1James HaydockJason Black 1Jason BlackJohn Burke 1John BurkeJohn Dowd 1John DowdKieran Lally 1Kieran LallyLynne Hanna 1Lynne HannaMark Quinn 1Mark QuinnMartin Byrne 1Martin ByrneMary Scannell 1Mary ScannellMichael O'Dwyer 1Michael O'DwyerMick Murphy 1Mick MurphyNeill Elliot 1Neill ElliotNigel Hart 1Nigel HartNoel Hanna 1Noel HannaPat Falvey 1Pat FalveyPeter O'Connell 1Peter O'ConnellRaymond Hassard 1Raymond HassardRob Smith 1Rob SmithRobert Mortell 1Robert MortellRoger McMorrow 1Roger McMorrowRory McHugh 1Rory McHughSamantha O'Carroll 1Samantha O'CarrollTerence Bannon 1Terence BannonTerry Kelleher 1Terry KelleherTom Lehane 1Tom LehaneVivian Rigney 1Vivian RigneyAttempted 5AttemptedNo 30NoYes 12Yes

There are many ways to prepare for high altitude mountaineering, and gaining skill and capability is every bit as valid in the Alps or Alaska as it is in the Himalayas. While experience at extreme altitude is without doubt a massive benefit, many have climbed Everest with 6000-7000m altitude experience, but with deep mountaineering experiences from elsewhere. Some have great physiology which allows them to endure more successfully at higher altitudes, some have great luck which prevented them from getting into trouble. I believe the magic formula is a combination of appropriate skill base, appropriate functional training, discipline, long expedition experience, gear management, ability to suffer for long periods without whinging, and ability to look after yourself unaided in the high mountains.

Irish Attempts on Everest - Climber / Year / Summit / Altitude

Up to end 2017 there had been 115 Irish attempts on Everest over the years by 83 climbers. While 57 of those 115 attempts proved successful, it is fascinating to see how close many others came to the summit. In particular it is fascinating to see how many climbers had to turn around above 8000m. This must have been a very difficult decision for each to make, and anyone who has been to extreme altitude will acknowledge the incredible strength and effort it takes to get that far. It is also remarkable to note how many people did not make it on the first attempt. Gavin Bate reached the summit on his 5th attempt. Pat Falvey had two successes, but also turned around on two attempts, once with just 50 meters from the summit. Martin Byrne finally made it on his 4th expedition. Others were not so lucky but their persistence is incredibly noteworthy, including Patricia McGuirk who made three attempts, getting to 8650m on the third time, but not reaching the summit. It is also interesting to see how high each of the 1993 team managed to reach on that first expedition. Dawson rightly gets the plaudits for reaching the summit, but many of his teammates almost made it too. Interestingly only one of that team went back to try again – Mick Murphy would succeed on the second attempt 10 years later in 2003.

undefined: noneMeryon BridgesMeryon Bridges: none19761976: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 1Dawson StelfoxDawson Stelfox: none19931993: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Tony BurkeTony Burke: none19931993: noneNoNo: none85008500: 1Richard O'Neill-DeanRichard O'Neill-Dean: none19931993: noneNoNo: none80008000: 1Mike BarryMike Barry: none19931993: noneNoNo: none77007700: 1Mick MurphyMick Murphy: none19931993: noneNoNo: none77007700: 120032003: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Dermot SomersDermot Somers: none19931993: noneNoNo: none77007700: 1Pat FalveyPat Falvey: none19931993: noneNoNo: none78007800: 119951995: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120032003: noneNoNo: none88008800: 120042004: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Frank NugentFrank Nugent: none19931993: noneNoNo: none86808680: 1Robbie FenlonRobbie Fenlon: none19931993: noneNoNo: none85008500: 1Sean SmithSean Smith: none19951995: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 1Greg ConleyGreg Conley: none19971997: noneNoNo: none64006400: 1Josephine KieranJosephine Kieran: none19981998: noneNoNo: none87508750: 1Carl FlynnCarl Flynn: none19991999: noneNoNo: none79007900: 1Marcella DunneMarcella Dunne: none19991999: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 1Gavin BateGavin Bate: none20002000: noneNoNo: none83008300: 120052005: noneNoNo: none87608760: 120072007: noneNoNo: none86008600: 120092009: noneNoNo: none85008500: 120112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Mick LongMick Long: none20012001: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 120042004: noneNoNo: none76007600: 1William CanningWilliam Canning: none20022002: noneNoNo: none86008600: 1John NevilleJohn Neville: none20022002: noneNoNo: none75007500: 1Patricia McGuirkPatricia McGuirk: none20022002: noneNoNo: none70007000: 120032003: noneNoNo: none74007400: 120062006: noneNoNo: none86508650: 1Terence BannonTerence Bannon: none20032003: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Richard DouganRichard Dougan: none20032003: noneNoNo: none86508650: 1Hannah ShieldsHannah Shields: none20032003: noneNoNo: none84008400: 120072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Clare O'LearyClare O'Leary: none20032003: noneNoNo: none73007300: 120042004: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1George ShortenGeorge Shorten: none20032003: noneNoNo: none73007300: 120062006: noneNoNo: none74007400: 1Stephen SynnottStephen Synnott: none20032003: noneNoNo: none64006400: 1Martin DugganMartin Duggan: none20032003: noneNoNo: none52005200: 1Gerard McDonnellGerard McDonnell: none20032003: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1John JoyceJohn Joyce: none20042004: noneNoNo: none61006100: 1Mark CarrMark Carr: none20042004: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 1Bridget Rossiter-O'FlynnBridget Rossiter-O'Flynn: none20042004: noneNoNo: noneNo DataNo Data: 1Samantha O'CarrollSamantha O'Carroll: none20042004: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Lynne StarkLynne Stark: none20052005: noneNoNo: none70507050: 1Sean EganSean Egan: none20052005: noneNo (D)No (D): none60006000: 1Humphrey MurphyHumphrey Murphy: none20052005: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Grania WillisGrania Willis: none20052005: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Noel HannaNoel Hanna: none20052005: noneNoNo: none70507050: 120062006: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120092009: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120102010: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120122012: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120132013: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120142014: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120152015: noneNoNo: none58005800: 120162016: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Fergal CorriganFergal Corrigan: none20062006: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Geoffrey WeirGeoffrey Weir: none20062006: noneNoNo: none73007300: 120072007: noneNoNo: none70007000: 1Neill ElliotNeill Elliot: none20062006: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Raymond HassardRaymond Hassard: none20062006: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Ian McKeeverIan McKeever: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Tom LehaneTom Lehane: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Bill HanlonBill Hanlon: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Nigel HartNigel Hart: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Roger McMorrowRoger McMorrow: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Michael O'DwyerMichael O'Dwyer: none20072007: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Martin ByrneMartin Byrne: none20072007: noneNoNo: none74007400: 120092009: noneNoNo: none87508750: 120102010: noneNoNo: none83008300: 120112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Patrick DoylePatrick Doyle: none20072007: noneNoNo: none71007100: 1John DowdJohn Dowd: none20082008: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Anselm MurphyAnselm Murphy: none20082008: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Timothy O'ConnorTimothy O'Connor: none20082008: noneNoNo: none85008500: 1Peter WhitePeter White: none20082008: noneNoNo: none80008000: 1James O'LearyJames O'Leary: none20082008: noneNoNo: none73007300: 1Ian TaylorIan Taylor: none20082008: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Graham KinchGraham Kinch: none20082008: noneNoNo: none85008500: 1Christopher JonesChristopher Jones: none20092009: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Lynne HannaLynne Hanna: none20092009: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120162016: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Eddie GreeneEddie Greene: none20092009: noneNoNo: none87008700: 1Vivian RigneyVivian Rigney: none20102010: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Domhnall O'DochartaighDomhnall O'Dochartaigh: none20102010: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1James HaydockJames Haydock: none20102010: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Fergus WhiteFergus White: none20102010: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Geoffrey ChambersGeoffrey Chambers: none20112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Basil GeogheganBasil Geoghegan: none20112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Mark QuinnMark Quinn: none20112011: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1John DelaneyJohn Delaney: none20112011: noneNo (D)No (D): none88008800: 1Cian O'BrolchainCian O'Brolchain: none20122012: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Albert ConnaughtonAlbert Connaughton: none20122012: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Peter O'ConnellPeter O'Connell: none20132013: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Jason BlackJason Black: none20132013: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Kieran LallyKieran Lally: none20132013: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Brian MeskellBrian Meskell: none20132013: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Patrick ButlerPatrick Butler: none20142014: noneNoNo: none70007000: 1Paul DevaneyPaul Devaney: none20142014: noneNoNo: none53805380: 120152015: noneNoNo: none57005700: 1Niall O'ByrnesNiall O'Byrnes: none20142014: noneNoNo: none53805380: 1Derek MahonDerek Mahon: none20142014: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Rob SmithRob Smith: none20142014: noneYesYes: none88488848: 120152015: noneNoNo: none61006100: 120172017: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Paul GreenanPaul Greenan: none20152015: noneNoNo: none61006100: 1Mary ScannellMary Scannell: none20162016: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Robert MortellRobert Mortell: none20162016: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1John BurkeJohn Burke: none20172017: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Terry KelleherTerry Kelleher: none20172017: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Rory McHughRory McHugh: none20172017: noneYesYes: none88488848: 1Justin CondonJustin Condon: none20172017: noneNoNo: none72007200: 1

(Red colour denotes climbers who died during their attempt)

Irish Attempts on Everest - Listing

#NameAgeBorn / FromPermit AddressReached (m)SummitYear
1Dawson Stelfox35AntrimAntrim8848Yes1993
2Frank Nugent44DublinDublin8680No1993
3Robbie Fenlon28DonegalDonegal8500No1993
4Tony Burke29IrelandWales8500No1993
5Richard O'Neill-Dean39IrelandNew Zealand8000No1993
6Mike Barry39KerryKerry7700No1993
7Mick Murphy33CorkCork7700No1993
8Dermot Somers45WicklowWicklow7700No1993
9Pat Falvey36CorkCork7800No1993
10Pat Falvey37CorkCork8848Yes1995
11Seán Smith33IrelandEnglandNo DataNo1995
12Greg Conley49IrelandScotland6400No1997
13Josephine Kieran44LouthLouth8750No1998
14Carl Flynn44DublinDublin7900No1999
15Marcella Dunne42DublinDublinNo DataNo1999
16Gavin Bate33EnglandDown8300No2000
17Mick Long40KerryKerryNo DataNo2001
18William Canning35TyroneTyrone8600No2002
19John Neville26IrelandCork7500No2002
20Patricia McGuirk42KerryKerry7000No2002
21Pat Falvey45CorkKerry8800No2003
22Gerard McDonnell32LimerickUSA8848Yes2003
23Mick Murphy44CorkCork8848Yes2003
24Clare O'Leary31CorkCork7300No2003
25Hannah Shields38DerryDerry8400No2003
26George Shorten41CorkCork7300No2003
27Terence Bannon35DownDown8848Yes2003
28Richard Dougan26ArmaghArmagh8650No2003
29Stephen Synnott46DownDown6400No2003
30Martin Duggan50ArmaghArmagh5200No2003
31Patricia McGuirk43KerryKerry7400No2003
32Pat Falvey46CorkKerry8848Yes2004
33Clare O'Leary33CorkCork8848Yes2004
34John Joyce43GalwayGalway6100No2004
35Samantha O'Carroll27CorkCork8848Yes2004
36Mick Long43KerryKerry7600No2004
37Mark Carr52DownDownNo DataNo2004
38Bridget Rossiter-O'Flynn43WexfordWexfordNo DataNo2004
39Humphrey Murphy41DublinDonegal8848Yes2005
40Grania Willis49DublinDublin8848Yes2005
41Gavin Bate38EnglandDown8760No2005
42Noel Hanna38DownDown7050No2005
43Lynne Stark43DownDown7050No2005
44Seán Egan (D)63ClareCanada6000No2005
45Fergal Corrigan31FermanaghTyrone8848Yes2006
46Neill Elliot33FermanaghFermanagh8848Yes2006
47Raymond Hassard33FermanaghFermanagh8848Yes2006
48Noel Hanna39DownDown8848Yes2006
49Patricia McGuirk46KerryKerry8650No2006
50George Shorten45CorkCork7400No2006
51Geoffrey Weir46DownDown7300No2006
52Chris Bell32AntrimEngland8848Yes2006
53Ian McKeever37WicklowWicklow8848Yes2007
54Tom Lehane49CorkEngland8848Yes2007
55Hannah Shields42DerryDerry8848Yes2007
56Bill Hanlon52WexfordCanada8848Yes2007
57Nigel Hart41AntrimAntrim8848Yes2007
58Roger McMorrow31AntrimDublin8848Yes2007
59Michael O'Dwyer32DublinDublin8848Yes2007
60Gavin Bate40EnglandDown8600No2007
61Martin Byrne54OffalyTipperary7400No2007
62Patrick Doyle42IrelandEngland7100No2007
63Geoffrey Weir47DownDown7000No2007
64John Dowd53KerryKerry8848Yes2008
65Anselm Murphy24Irish CitizenEngland8848Yes2008
66Ian Taylor29KildareKildare8848Yes2008
67Graham Kinch29DublinDublin8500No2008
68Timothy O'Connor31KerryKerry8500No2008
69Peter White62DublinDublin8000No2008
70James O'Leary28CorkCork7300No2008
71Noel Hanna42DownDown8848Yes2009
72Lynne Hanna47DownDown8848Yes2009
73Christopher Jones45IrelandGalway8848Yes2009
74Martin Byrne56OffalyTipperary8750No2009
75Eddie Greene41LouthLouth8700No2009
76Gavin Bate42EnglandDown8500No2009
77Domhnall O'Dochartaigh35Irish CitizenCanada8848Yes2010
78James Haydock48EnglandDublin8848Yes2010
79Noel Hanna43DownDown8848Yes2010
80Vivian Rigney39DublinUSA8848Yes2010
81Fergus White37DublinDublin8848Yes2010
82Martin Byrne57OffalyTipperary8300No2010
83Geoffrey Chambers46ArmaghArmagh8848Yes2011
84Basil Geoghegan43DublinDublin8848Yes2011
85Gavin Bate44EnglandDown8848Yes2011
86Noel Hanna44DownDown8848Yes2011
87Mark Quinn27LimerickLimerick8848Yes2011
88Martin Byrne58OffalyTipperary8848Yes2011
89John Delaney (D)41LaoisKildare8800No2011
90Noel Hanna45DownDown8848Yes2012
91Cian O'Brolchain32DublinDublin8848Yes2012
92Albert Connaughton49DublinDublin8848Yes2012
93Peter O'Connell29GalwayGalway8848Yes2013
94Seán Mooney27Irish CitizenCanada8848Yes2013
95Jason Black42DonegalDonegal8848Yes2013
96Noel Hanna46DownDown8848Yes2013
97Brian Meskell33LimerickLimerick8848Yes2013
98Robert Smith42TyroneScotland8848Yes2013
99Kieran Lally54MayoDublin8848Yes2013
100Siobhan McFeeney41DublinUSA7400No2013
101Noel Hanna47DownDown8848Yes2014
102Derek Mahon52DublinDublin8848Yes2014
103Robert Smith43TyroneScotland8848Yes2014
104Patrick Butler59AntrimAntrim7000No2014
105Paul Devaney36LongfordLongford5380No2014
106Niall O'Byrnes36KildareKildare5380No2014
107Paul Greenan38DublinDublin6100No2015
108Robert Smith44TyroneScotland6100No2015
109Noel Hanna48DownDown5800No2015
110Paul Devaney37LongfordLongford5700No2015
111Siobhan McFeeney43DublinUSA6100No2015
112Mary Scannell41KerryEngland8848Yes2016
113Noel Hanna49DownDown8848Yes2016
114Lynne Hanna54DownDown8848Yes2016
115Robert Mortell26LimerickLimerick8848Yes2016
116John Burke38ClareClare8848Yes2017
117Terry Kelleher56DublinDublin8848Yes2017
118Robert Smith46TyroneScotland8848Yes2017
119Rory McHugh40DublinEngland8848Yes2017
120Justin Condon43DublinUSA7200No2017
121Paul Greenan41DublinDublin7100No2018
122Denis O'Brien60CorkCork7200No2018
123Louise McEvoy49DublinUSA8848Yes2018
124Linda Blakely44ArmaghEngland8848Yes2018
125Adrian McNally41MeathMeath8848Yes2018
126Robert Smith47TyroneScotland8848Yes2018
127Kevin Hynes55GalwayGalway8848Yes2018
128Michael Keane66GalwayGalway5600No2019
129Noel Hanna52DownDown8848Yes2019
130Seamus Lawless (D)39WicklowWicklow8848Yes2019
131Jenny Copeland40MeathDublin8848Yes2019
132Kevin Hynes (D)56GalwayGalway8300No2019
133Robert Smith48TyroneScotland8848Yes2019
134Noel Hanna54DownDown8848Yes2021
135Ronan Murphy40DublinLondon8848Yes2021
136Robert Smith50TyroneScotland8848Yes2021
137Diarmuid Morrissey55WestmeathWestmeath6500No2021
138Damian Browne40GalwayAustralia7000No2021
139Jonathan 'Duke' Ruane42SligoDublin8848Yes2022
140Robert Smith51TyroneScotland8848Yes2022
141James McManus39TipperaryTipperary7300No2022
142Michéal Brogan53TyroneWestmeathEBCNo2022
143Diarmuid Morrissey56WestmeathPortugal6440No2022
144Michael Keane69GalwayGalwayEBCNo2022
145Tom Cleary28DublinDublin6440No2023
146Johnny Ward39DownThailand8848Yes2023
147Ryan O'Sullivan27SligoSligo8848Yes2023
148David Keating58LimerickLimerick8848Yes2024
149Michael Fortune41DublinDublin8848Yes2024
150Darragh Ó hAodhaTBCCorkCork8848Yes2024
151Robert Smith53TyroneScotland8848Yes2024
152Éoin Brogan30TyroneWestmeath8848Yes2024
153Michéal Brogan55TyroneWestmeath8848Yes2024
154James McManus41TipperaryTipperaryN-ANo2024

D = Denotes climbers who died during their attempt

Total Everest Summits

Everest had been successfully climbed 8300 times by 4830+ people since the first successful ascent in 1953. The summit of Everest straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet at an altitude of 29,035ft or 8848m. The mountain was initially named Peak XV before being renamed in 1856 after George Everest, a retired British Surveyor General who never actually saw the peak. The graphic below shows the increase in summit numbers over the years, with notable reduction in 2014 following the avalanche in the Ice Fall and effective shutdown of Nepal side, along with absence of 2015 stats due to the Nepal Earthquake & avalanche at Base Camp which occurred midway through the climbing season and led to the full shutdown of the mountain. 

6606476426115525315264834594263353072641821581451291281191159890858272515038302524232018161510986544443222Everest 8,219Everest1953 219531956 419561960 319601963 619631965 919651970 419701973 1019731975 1519751976 419761977 219771978 2519781979 2019791980 819801981 519811982 1819821983 2319831984 1619841985 3019851986 419861987 219871988 5019881989 2419891990 7219901991 3819911992 9019921993 12919931994 5119941995 8219951996 9819961997 8519971998 11919981999 11519992000 14520002001 18220012002 15820022003 26420032004 33520042005 30720052006 48320062007 61120072008 42620082009 45920092010 53120102011 52620112012 55220122013 66020132014 12820142016 64720162017 6422017

Everest Fatalities by Altitude / Year

There has been approximately 290 fatalities on Everest for a range of reasons and across a wide range of altitudes. The info-graphic below shows a correlation of fatalities with altitudes at which they were reported. The two obvious spikes are 2014 and 2015 where large scale fatalities occurred in the icefall just above base camp in 2014 and at base camp during the earthquake of 2015. The next largest year of fatalities was the infamous 1996 ‘Into Thin Air’ disaster which is well documented in book and film. 92 of the fatalities recorded in the Himalayan Database occurred after the climbers had reached the summit. These serve as stark reminders that climbing is a dangerous enterprise, and should not be approached lightly. 

1916765543333333333322222222222222222222211111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114270 142704300 143004600 146004900 149005000 250005150 151505300 353005350 2753505400 254005500 155005525 155255600 556005700 1157005800 2758005900 259006000 760006150 161506200 262006300 163006400 964006450 164506500 465006600 266006700 167006750 167506770 167706800 1468006900 669006950 169507000 670007100 171007200 272007270 172707300 273007400 174007500 475007540 175407600 476007700 477007800 878007900 1079007950 279508000 580008100 281008140 281408160 181608200 482008220 182208230 282308250 182508300 983008350 183508400 1384008500 1685008550 185508560 185608600 1486008650 186508680 286808700 1787008750 687508760 287608800 888008830 18830No Data 4No Data1921 219211922 719221924 419241934 119341952 119521960 119601962 119621963 119631964 119641966 119661969 119691970 819701971 119711972 119721973 119731974 619741975 319751976 119761978 219781979 619791980 419801982 1119821983 319831984 919841985 719851986 519861987 319871988 1019881989 819891990 419901991 219911992 819921993 719931994 519941995 419951996 1519961997 919971998 419981999 419992000 220002001 520012002 320022003 420032004 720042005 620052006 1120062007 720072008 120082009 520092010 320102011 420112012 1020122013 820132014 1720142015 1920152016 720162017 62017

Everest Summits by Country

The info-graphic below shows the extent of summits by each country (recorded by citizenship) from 1953 to 2017. Nepal leads the way (which is no surprise since the vast majority of guides and high altitude workers are Nepalese Sherpa), while USA, China, UK and India make up the rest of the top 5 countries with climbers who have reached the top of Everest over the years. Ireland punches well above its weight, and even though it appears in 21st position in the overall picture below, if you look at it from an ‘Island’ perspective, Ireland is actually in joint 17th position with Austria. Not bad for a small island of 6.5m people. 

New ZealandIndiaSwitzerlandChinaUSANepalJapanItalyUKS KoreaFranceAustriaW GermanyPolandYugoslaviaSpainUSSRCanadaAustraliaCzechoslovakiaBulgariaNorwayMexicoSwedenBelgiumNetherlandsChileGermanyPeruLuxembourgHong KongIsraelFinlandRussiaLithuaniaTaiwanRomaniaLatviaArgentinaKazakhstanBrazilDenmarkIrelandTurkeyS AfricaCzech RepublicIndonesiaMalaysiaIcelandCanada/USASloveniaSlovakiaBelarusIranUzbekistanBoliviaPortugalSwitzerland/GreeceEcuadorGeorgiaUkrainePakistanGuatemalaVenezuelaColombiaArmeniaHungaryUSA/UKKuwaitEstoniaGreeceBhutanSerbiaSingaporeMongoliaPhilippinesLebanonCanada/MacedoniaEgypt/UKAlgeriaSaudi ArabiaJordanPoland/CanadaVietnamThailandMacedoniaUSA/JamaicaCroatiaMoldovaPanamaSan MarinoMaltaFrance/USANepal/AustraliaOmanBangladeshChina/USAFrance/AlgeriaMontenegroUSA/BrazilFrance/SwitzerlandDominican RepublicUSA/Dominican RepublicPalestineChina/JapanMauritiusUK/AustraliaAustralia/New ZealandNew Zealand/UKTurkey/USACosta RicaAlbaniaCyprusTanzaniaUSA/Saudi ArabiaUSA/Bosnia-HerzegovinaUAEAndorraQatarMoroccoAzerbaijan/RussiaNepal/IndiaNepal/CanadaTunisiaUSA/PolandSri LankaUK/RussiaMyanmarUK/KenyaUK/NepalKosovo

The author: Paul Devaney is from Longford, Ireland and is co-founder of Irish Seven Summits and Director of Seven Summits Solutions which provides Aerospace and Digital Design services. Paul is also an amateur mountaineer and adventurer, has completed 6 of the Seven Summits and attempted Everest in 2014 and 2015. In both instances his expedition was halted due to major disasters (Avalanche in 2014 and Earthquake in 2015). Paul has climbed and trained in the Alps, and scaled mountains from Alaska to Antarctica and beyond. He lives in London, England.

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