Denali is one of the toughest and coldest mountains in the world. There are no porters or guides to help carry gear on this mountain – You carry your own 150lbs of gear using backpack and sled across one of the coldest mountain terrains on the planet. This makes Denali one of the greatest physical challenges in the world and certainly the most challenging peak in the western hemisphere. Paul & Niall were the 53rd & 54th recorded Irish climbers to reach the summit of Denali since records began in 1995

  Alaska, USA

  6194m / 20,320ft

  West Buttress Route


   21 days

   Completed June 2010

At over 20,000 feet, Denali’s height is greater than Kilimanjaro and Elbrus, but the low pressure of the Arctic and extreme distance from the equator have an effect on the body that makes it equal to a 24,000ft peak. The unusually high number of altitude sickness problems combined with severe weather, temperatures that dip to -40F, and being just two degrees south of the Arctic Circle can expose climbers to some of the most hostile weather imaginable.

Of those who have sufficient experience/capability to attempt Denali, only half of the well trained and in shape climbers will make the summit. This was a game-changing expedition and without doubt one of our most enjoyable and spectacular experiences. The official name of the peak was Mount McKinley when we climbed it in 2010. This was changed back to the original ‘Denali’ in August 2015. The official height of Denali was 20,320 feet when we climbed it in 2010. This was revised to 20,310 feet by USGS in 2015.

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