Kilimanjaro is located almost directly on the equator on the border between Tanzania and Kenya and is known for its good weather, so if you are in good physical shape and have taken the time to train sufficiently beforehand you will more than likely conquer this mountain if you are able to deal with the altitude above 5000m. The speed with which mountain teams ascend the mountain does give rise to instances of altitude sickness, so the swahili mantra of ‘pole, pole’ or slowly slowly is critical to success on this mountain.


  5895m / 19,341ft

  Lemosho Route


   9 days

   Completed April 2007

Our choice of the Lemosho route meant that we avoided any crowds and did not meet a single other climber until the day before summit day. For most of our team this was our very first experience of high altitude trekking/mountaineering. The Lemosho route involves hiking in relatively warm weather on the lower mountain while average summit temperatures can dip significantly into the -20’s. The infamous snows of Kilimanjaro are still visible though in rapid demise. Despite a large number of people being unprepared or inexperienced, half make it to the summit.

Summit day on Kilimanjaro is long and not to be underestimated. Kilimanjaro was a fantastic experience and a great way to begin our Seven Summits adventure by sampling high altitude in a reasonably safe and non-technical environment.

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