For our Everest expedition we will each bring a medical kit including all of the items below, with prior knowledge of side-effects and dosage instructions. Consult your doctor before attempting to bring any of these medicines on an expedition to ensure you are not allergic or that they would not cause problems if used in conjunction with any current medicine. HACE & HAPE medicines are for use only in emergency situations in conjunction with descending the mountain as quickly as possible. Click to expand each section below.

Medicine: Dexamethasone
In our Kit: 42 Pills (4mg) & 1 Injection
Instructions: Take 50mg every 8 hours and descend immediately
Medicine: Viagra (I kid you not!)
In our Kit: 16 Pills (50mg)
Instructions: Take 50mg every 8 hours and descend immediately
Medicine: Azithromycin
In our Kit: 16 Pills (250mg)
Instructions: 500mg once then 250mg daily for 4 days
Medicine: Rifaximin & Azithromycin (or Ciproflaxin)
In our Kit: 30 Pills Rifaximin (200mg), 14 Pills Azitromoycin (250mg)
Instructions: 200mg twice daily en route to EBC as preventative. Use Azithromycin if problem perseveres (500mg once)
Medicine: Diamox
In our Kit: 15 Pills (250mg)
Instructions: For EBC or above only, 125mg at bedtime or split 2x 60mg daily
Medicine: Furosemide
In our Kit: 15 Pills (20mg)
Instructions: 20mg every 12 or 24 hours for a few dose
Medicine: Ondansetron
In our Kit: 30 Pills (4mg)
Instructions: 4mg as needed
Medicine: Advair Inhaler
In our Kit: 1x 125 Puff Inhaler
Instructions: 1 puff every 12 hours
Medicine: Naproxen (do not take with aspirin)
In our Kit: 28 Pills (250mg)
Instructions: As instructed
Medicine: Panadol
In our Kit: 16 Pills (500mg)
Instructions: 2 pills every 4 hours, no more than 8 in 24 hours
Medicine: Sudaplus
In our Kit: 1 Packet
Instructions: 500mg twice daily
Medicine: Clarityn
In our Kit: 1 Packet
Instructions: 10mg daily
Medicine: Aspirin
In our Kit: 50 Pills
Instructions: 81mg daily from start of trek (take proactively)
Medicine: Salivix
In our Kit: 2 Packets
Instructions: Take as desired