Seven Summits Challenge

The Seven Summits challenge involves climbing the highest peaks on all 7 continents. We do this for fun and to hopefully inspire others to wander into the hills and see the world a little differently from its highest vantage points. The challenge we are undertaking includes the following mountains:

  1. Everest (Asia)
  2. Aconcagua (South America)
  3. Denali (North America)
  4. Kilimanjaro (Africa)
  5. Vinson Massif (Antarctica)
  6. Elbrus (Europe)
  7. Kosciuszko (Australia)

Less than 300 people in the world have ever completed the Seven Summits challenge. While we do this for leisure and pleasure, we have also used this unique adventure opportunity to raise funds for worthwhile causes since 2007, so thank you to all who have donated.

Click on the link below for more info on Seven Summits, Everest & Antarctica.


Charity Fundraising

We climb for fun, and from time to time we use the opportunity to help focus attention on some very worthy causes. We were delighted to have raised $43,744.00 during our Seven Summits adventures, all of which has gone to six different and fantastic charity organisations, namely Concern, Make-A-Wish, Liams Lodge, Laura Lynne House, Susan G Koman and Self Help Africa.

A very special thank you to all who donated to our charity fundraising since 2007 which we hope will make a small but important difference to the charity organisations and the great work which they do to improve the lives of others.


The Day Everest Shook

Irish Seven Summits climber Paul Devaney was on Everest in April 2015 when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and triggered an avalanche from Pumori which ripped through Everest Base Camp destroying camps and killing 19 people. 

Paul was on the edge of the avalanche path and was very fortunate to have escaped unharmed in what was his second year of Everest disaster experience. 

In his Ted Talk, Paul recounts those dramatic experiences and the 2015 earthquake including the fear and courage on display across base camp from medics to expedition leaders to Sherpa and climbers. This dramatic story takes you inside the day Everest shook in May 2015.

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